Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Doesn't get cutier than this!!

So I came across these pics and the sequence of them just busts me up!!!....

Lil Gav was just such a hungry lil guy and was searchin for somethin to chew on of cousre, cause that what cute babes do best....And he found his fingers!!! YUM....But I guess the fingers just wern't cutting the crave, so he reverted to attacking a straw.....

The straw was fun and tasty and did a pretty good job at keeping him buisy, until....

The straw pokes him in the throat!!! ha what a cute angry face! "Its all fun and games till somebody gets hurt!!" What a cute lil stinker!


So we lucked out and got to go to florida this summer for a week with the fam! oh man it was so dang fun, we hit up the coasters and the beech, and it was hard to leave that 97 degree weather! Good stuff!

Ha so tanner & maris thought it'd be halarious to hide this creepy lil crab in the bathroom cabinet, I almost pooped my pants when i reached for my hair brush, ha!! boy was i surprised!! So we decided to have a photo shoot with our new friend

Monday, June 7, 2010

HI HI HI wow, so I finished up in logan and moved back to roy for the summer, I love bein home with the family fun, but i sure miss logan more than i ever imagined! I've grown such a love for the valley and all it offers, The close mountains (where i could literally spend all my time hiking / biking/ camping and all that jazz) and more importantly the wonderful people...they don't call it "happy valley" for nothin! But this summer is full of fun plans and I head to logan to visit and play as often as I can. Here are a few fun things i've been up to since the first of the year...I also promised my dear co-worker Mary loo that i'd put forth more effort into updateing my blog, so we'll see how that goes ;)

Happy news, Logan grduated from med school just a few weeks ago and we all went out to cheer him on! Plus it was a good excuse to have a family get together! Landon and erica packed up lil kyla and met us in Iowa along with ash logan and gav. Wow its crazy how much life, these lil ones bring into the fam, I have the cutest niece and nephew a girl could ever ask for!! It was such fun trip and get-together.

Ky is one cute lil Stink!!!
Grammie in her moment :)

The last week of school we went on our usual sunday roomate walk and snaped some pics...my roomates were the best, everyone of them

PLayed on a intrameral softball team up in logan and I must say, we had a STELLAR TEAM!! It was good fun, and we didn't do too shabby.
Had a buch of highschool buddies come back from missions, so there have been lots of fun reunions and such....wow this picture makes me grateful it's summer :) Out with the sweaters, in with the T's

Me and some of our Roy girl friends took advantage of our spring break to break away from the cold winter weather and took off south to sunny St. George! Oh man it was so perfect, there was sun, warmth, hiking, more sun, no snow....but best of all, our motel had COLOR TV, CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!!! ha ha it cracked me up!!

These lovely pictures were part of our easter festivities...Ha ha It was so dang funny, I didnt even attepmt to shove any in my mouth cause it would have been hopeless, I was laughing way too hard! Im just thankful nobody sufficated, or puked!

And with the devoted help of her dear older sis, I'm proud to announce that amber jo beat them all in the peep stuffing contest!!!!! Ha I was crying I was so proud...or laughing ;)
Our cute lil gavster, Logan, and ash came and visited in march..my first time meeting gavin and may I say that it was LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT! I can't get enough of this lil fella!!! For a kid who can't even talk yet, he sure can get me laughin, he is a happy lil babe.